Adult Personalized Coaching

This is a great option for those athletes who are looking for more than a generic training plan. Both Coach and Athlete will work closely together to dial in training to achieve personal greatness- from first time participants training for their first sprint to veterans looking to improve.

What Do You Get With This Service?

  • Personalized daily workouts custom designed for each athlete. These training programs are highly detailed but can be adjusted  based on your personal and professional schedule. The plan should fit your life, not your life to the plan. Adjustments to your schedule can be done at any time- no limits!
  • Custom weekly training schedule sent in 1-4 week blocks based on the athlete’s preference
  • Unlimited communication/consultation available via TrainingPeaks, email, phone or text- DAILY!
  • We will begin with a face to face meeting so I can get to know you, understand your athletic background, and goals. We will do a comprehensive review of past training, injuries, fitness tests, race results and development of future goals. If you are out of the state/country, we can do this over the phone or Skype.
  • Custom Goal-Setting Template along with thorough discussions about your goals and how your racing and training season will be structured (the Big Picture). Together we will develop an Annual Training Plan where we will set-up your Big Picture plan including training periodization with micro- and macro-cycles that consider your goal races and other personal priorities. Again, adjustments can be made anytime.
  • The metrics used in training can be: Power, Heart Rate, Pace and/or Relative Perceived Exertion (RPE). A GPS watch, heart rate monitor, and a power meter are highly recommended but not necessary.
  • Individualized conference and planning of training, recovery and race day nutrition
  • Thorough conversations and coaching on the mental aspect of training, racing, and competition.
  • Pre-Race Call to review strategy, pacing, and nutrition plan
  • Post-Race Call to discuss race details
  • Discounted Lactate Threshold testing upon startup and in future to monitor progress and ensure accurate heart rate training zones-
  • Discounted Body Composition Testing and determination of optimal body weight and body fat-
  • Discounted private one-on-one lessons with Coach Ross including swim analysis ($40/hour)

How much does this cost?

  • 3-4 months: $120 a month
  • 6 Months: $110 a month
  • 12 Months: $100 a month

All plans are a minimum 3-month commitment.  

We bill upfront in 3-4 month increments via Venmo, PayPal, or check. This is way less money than seeing a personal trainer 3 times per week because we expect you to do your workouts.  We are your programmers, accountability partners, and mentors.


Do I need a coach? Why Hire a USA Triathlon Certified Coach?

Do you currently make a periodized annual training and racing plan?  If so, does your plan focus on improving your weakness with targeted workloads and specific workouts?  Do you analyze heart rate and power data for each workout and adjust your microcycle within the framework of your annual plan? Do you have an outside partner to hold you accountable for correct completion of your workouts and race performance?  If you answered no and you truly wish to improve your racing performance, then YES!  You need a coach.

There are many triathlon coaches in the business today — some are certified and some are not. How do you know which coaches are the best? It’s important to look for certification from USA Triathlon, the National Governing Body for the sport, when hiring a triathlon coach. A coach who obtains a USA Triathlon certification demonstrates that he or she is dedicated to becoming a master in the trade. A USA Triathlon Coaching Certification means:  

  • The coach has attended at least one in-person certification clinic in which they learned from industry experts on topics including swim, bike, run, strength training, nutrition, physiology and more and completed a rigorous certification exam proving their knowledge.  
  • The coach has completed the U.S. Olympic Committee SafeSport Program. SafeSport is a program that teaches individuals how to identify misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue and provide training and resources. By completing the SafeSport training, you can be confident the coaches have the training necessary to recognize physical and sexual abuse in their athletes and are aware how to report this.  
  • The coach completes multiple education courses every two years to learn the most up-to-date techniques to provide the best coaching services. The continuing coaching education requirements further their knowledge base and help coaches evolve over time. USA Triathlon Certified Coaches are always on the forefront of triathlon coaching knowledge.  
  • The coach is insured for their work in regards to triathlon training.  
  • The coach has passed a criminal background check that can be verified by trusted third parties. All coaches have their background check completed every two years.

How does this coach thing work?

The coach / athlete dynamic is a relationship and that means it’s a little different from client to client.  Training is personalized to each client’s needs and situation.  To begin, we have a sit down face to face conversation.  We evaluate your current fitness, your goals, your race schedule, and objectively assess your time and other priorities to find the best course of training (Minimum Effective Dose).  Beyond this we strive to maintain communication to help keep us (coach and client) on track.

What kind of results can I expect?

If you perform the workouts as scheduled and prescribed you can expect personal bests in each sport.  Yes, that’s what you should expect.  We are happy to give references as requested.

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